Google Maps Course

Google Maps is one of the best organic lead generation method for any business. Google displays 3-4 listing that’s quickly available to the consumer based on their current location. The rest of the businesses are seen only after the consumer presses the “More Places” button. Most consumers don’t even bother to click that button.

Most local business knows that being on the first 3 spot will be a major boost of business for them. This is why providing this service is not only lucrative but valuable to any business that wants more leads and phone calls.

In this course you will learn how to get businesses on top of these money making spots while they pay you a monthly fee to keep them there.

How much can I charge for this service?

Depending on the niche you can easily get $97-$1,000 a month per client.

How hard is it to learn Google Maps rankings?

Not hard at all. You will learn how optimize this money making maps step by step and rank them easily.


You will lean via videos the following:

Optimzing Goolge Maps for traffic

The power of the right citations

Tagging Images for pinpointing location

Learn how to make businesses say "YES!"

What businesses to go for & which ones to stay away from!

You will learn a very valuable skill to help local business rank in the 3 pack of Google maps where it matters the most for local businesses. There’s a huge need for this service as consumers rely on this information. Businesses already understand the need to be seen here.

Google Maps Business Listings

This dentist is losing thousands of dollars in missed business weekly!

From this real sample you see here, the dentist office is losing thousands of potential revenue because they are not using their Google Maps listing correctly to help sell their services. Would you pick this dental office if you needed one?

Would you not think they will pay you monthly to help solve this problem?