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If you are a new marketer trust me I know the frustration to get anything to work if you are new in the game. The good news is that all it will take is to adopt a different mindset when it comes to dealing with local businesses. The stuff that’s being taught out there WILL NOT work.

Local businesses don’t want to be sold too and besides…they are getting spam all day. So when you approach them with your services they can’t tell the difference between YOU and their frequent spam callers.

Banking my head against the wall led me to discover the wonderful world of simplicity. Right now I can get clients on demand and work with them till they trust me enough where I can easily sell them on more expensive useful services that will actually help them.

Need some sound advice? I’m here for you even if YOU don’t buy any of my courses. Reach out to me and tell me where you are stuck. I promise you I will take you out of your dark tunnel and point you to the nearest light.