About Me

Hi I’m Efrain and I’ve a local marketer for the last 23 years. This career has changed my life and its been a wonderful journey, but it wasn’t always like this. The first 7 years of being a local marketer, I found myself in a hamster wheel with nothing to show for it. I was a victim of the shiny new products syndrome. I had no clear pictures as to what kind of marketer I wanted to become. It wasn’t until I maxed out my credit cards that I learned the problem was me and every email I bought into kept me broke, dreaming and spinning my wheels.

The wonderful word of simplicity.

I discovered a method that not only works but local businesses love it. I left the tech talk at home and simplified the process for business owners to say “Yes!” I found the fastest way to make money is by building relationships first. I go in details on “How To Get Client” course.

Moving forward

I’m 53 years old and living a great life all due to being a local marketer. I may not longer be aggressive as when I first started but that’s because I found a new passion teaching new marketers the easy path to success and it all starts with the right mindset.