Interactive Video Player

Finally a video player you can customize to help you increase your business

Brand Yourself

You know who gets the most business? Companies who brand themselves. You see, a branded company looks more professional and trustworthy because they stand out. Now, imagine having that same power with your videos? What would that do for your business?

Our interactive video player allows you to collect email address, direct users to any site or page or even book a consultation right from inside the custom video player! No more boring useless YouTube videos that actually steals business from you!

Starting at $20 a month

YouTube Is Stealing Your Traffic And Handling It Off To Your Competitors!

We are sure by now you understand why videos is hot right now and guess what? People simply love to see products and services via videos. This is why YouTube became popular with businesses because they simply upload a video and be able to show that video on their site. But there’s one huge problem…YouTube is stealing your traffic and business and handling it off to your competitors. We solved this problem.

Interactive Video Player – For Serious Businesses
The current problem is that YouTube shows related videos to your viewers and the end of the videos causing them to click costing you leads, sales and profit. With our video player you are able to stop this problem dead on its track and allows you full control like:
1: Change color of the video player to match your business. Great for branding and sticking out!
2. Collect Emails – If you are not collecting emails you are leaving money on the table.
3. Redirect your viewers to another page or website
4. Setup appointments
5. Collect Payments